“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe” -Abraham Lincoln

The pre-construction phase stands as a pivotal stage in any project, offering the opportunity to strategically allocate resources to areas of utmost priority. In the image provided above, we showcase a project where we collaborated closely with the owner during the design phase.

Stair and rail designs present a myriad of possibilities, with variations in pricing and labor hours that span the spectrum. Through our collaborative process, the customer was empowered to realize their vision while adhering to their budgetary constraints. This highlights our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with our clients' objectives and financial considerations


Budget Pricing

We can provide pricing for preliminary drawings to determine whether your plans will meet your budget. Additionally, we offer alternative value engineering designs to our clients when appropriate.


With our seasoned team at the helm, we're equipped to handle the design and construction of your metal fabrication project with finesse. Teaming up with proficient design partners, we craft tailored plans that not only meet but exceed your expectations while remaining within your specified budget

Hard Bid

While we offer highly competitive hard bid pricing, we prioritize safety and quality above all else. Our focus isn't solely on being the cheapest option; rather, it's on delivering value that encompasses uncompromising safety measures and top-notch quality throughout every project completion.