About Us

AISC certified structural & miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection company located in Mt. Holly, NC

Since 1998 Carolina Fab, Inc. has built a strong name in the structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection industry in the Carolinas. Through hard work and dedication to exceeding our customers’ needs and demands. We have grown our services throughout the years to include pre-construction services, design build, budget pricing, hard bid pricing, 3D shop drawings and B.I.M. coordination, engineering services, fabrication and erection services. Our goal isn't to be the biggest and cheapest company. Our goal is to provide quality product, erected safely, provide reliable service, and develop great working relationships. 


This is the motto wherein we build our corporate culture around. We implement this idea into every aspect of our projects. Safety is our first priority. Our quality is second to none. And schedule is third. Schedule is extremely important, but not matter what we can not sacrifice safety and quality to make it. 

We aim to provide our clients with top-notch metal fabrication services. Because of our dedication to delivering high-quality projects and surpassing our clients’ expectations, we have earned the confidence of many general contractors. More than 95% of our business comes from our repeat customers!

To this day, Carolina Fab Inc. still stands strong despite being in a highly competitive market. This is because our company is founded on trust and reputation, the biggest assets of our business.


Rick worked for Duke Power for two decades as an advanced rigger, certified welder, pipe fitter, and crane operator, among others. After his 20 years of service in the said company, he decided to establish Carolina Fab Inc. in 1998. He thought that this was a great way to be closer to his family after being away from them for a long time.

After years of hard work, Rick was able to grow the company, gaining the trust of many clients in North and South Carolina. He then taught his sons, William and Christian, everything he could about the metal fabrication business, and let them learn the hard lessons on their own.